MassiveChat is one of our in-house plugins. It was developed for exclusive use on MassiveCraft and comes with several features including:

  • Private Messaging
  • Server Mail
  • Emotes
  • Chat Modifiers
  • And more!

Our Premium members can take advantage of several features such as sound and particle effects, the ability to rename other players, instruments for immersion, and additional character cards. Read below to learn more about the available commands.


Private Message Commands

  • /pm,msg,tell [player=reply] [msg=] Send a direct message to a player. If you omit the message argument you will only focus the direct channel. If you omit the player argument you will focus the last that sent a direct message to you.
  • /r,reply [msg=] Reply to the last direct message sent to you. If you omit the message argument you will only focus the direct channel.

Option Commands

  • /c filter [on/off=toggle] Toggle the optional chat filter on/off. With the filter on messages in caps will be lowercase and long sequences or characters will be stripped. The filter is on per default.
  • /rc,relationcolor [global|local|head=show] [on|off=toggle]
    Manage where to display faction relation coloring.
  • /rename Rename other players or yourself. The renames are visible to yourself only. Use “&x” to specify colors. For example “&a” means green. This command is available to Premium rank and above.

Ignore Commands

  • /ignore list [page=1] [target=you]
  • /ignore add <player> [target=you]
  • /ignore remove <player> [target=you]

You can not hear what players you ignore say. Players you ignore are also unable to send messages to you.

Mail Commands

  • /m,mail The mail base command. Under this parent command you find all mail related commands.
  • /m,mail r,read,l,list [page=1] Read mails other players sent to you.
  • /m,mail c,clear Clear the mails other players sent to you. You probably want to do this after you read them.
  • /m,mail s,send Send a mail to another player.

Nickname Commands

  • /nick check,realname
  • /nc,realname Check who is using a nickname and if it’s free to use.
  • /nick use Set nick for yourself.
  • /nick set Set nick for another player. This is an admin command.
  • /nick remove [player=you] Remove your nick. Admins can remove nicks from other players.
  • /chat nick reserve Note only Premium members may use this command. To learn more, visit our Premium page.

Name Format


Player name color is chosen from the first match in this list:

  • Staff: Aqua
  • Faction Member: Lime (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Faction Ally: Purple (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Faction Truced: Pink (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Faction Enemy: Rose (only when faction relation color is on)
  • Favorite: Yellow
  • Supremium: Blue
  • Premium: Gold
  • Default: White

Use /rc to manage faction relation coloring.

  • /rc displays your current settings
  • /rc g toggles for global chat (for an epic rainbow experience)
  • /rc l toggles for local chat /the l: channel (Useful in PVP)
  • /rc h toggles for above player heads (Useful in PVP)


The following badges are available:

  • Favorite: ❤ (use /fav add to add favorite players)
  • Staff: ❂ (given to all server staff members)
  • Supremium: ❈ (become Supremium to get this badge)
  • Premium: ✸ (become Premium to get this badge)

Chat Tags

  • {item} will display the item you hold in your hand in chat.

Chat Channels

Switching Channels

You can switch chat channels by using followed by a colon (for example, F:) in chat, or using the /ch command to focus on a channel by clicking on it. The colon is very important. Don’t forget to include it after the channel prefix!

Local Chat

Modifiers and Radius

Steve Local MassiveChat

Symbols (referred to as modifiers) determine the output of text and go at the end of a message. The radius is also determined by the modifier or channel used. For example, typing “Help!” will display as yell in the Local Chat channel.

Color Modifiers



Steve Obfuscation MassiveChat

Another great function in our local chat is obfuscation, but what is it? If you go out of the range in Local Chat, you will only see part of the message. The rest will be obfuscated, meaning it’s replaced by dots indicate a missing character. Obfuscation is colored grey in-game to distinguish from full stops.

Private Messaging

Steve PM MassiveChat

To private chat with another player, use “/msg”. If you for example wanted to say “Hello!” to Steve, you would write “/msg Steve Hello!” in chat. Private messages appear on your screen in pink. If you want to reply to the last private message sent to you, write “/r” followed by your message.

Premium Features

Premium rank and above can combine “%” with a special word to trigger emote sound and particle effects in the Local Chat channel. When you successfully use such a word the “%” will disappear and the word will turn golden in chat. The sound and particle effects has a cooldown and will only be applied every few seconds.

Examples using cough emote:

  • l: %cough+
  • l: %coughs+
  • l: %coughing+
  • l: takes a few steps back while %coughing+
  • l: starts %coughing and stands up+

So as you can see you may use the emote word anywhere within a sentence!

Emote Word List

You can type “l: l” or “l: list” to list these emote words in game. Remember that you only have to type the name of the effect! There are currently 54 emote effects available.