MassiveCombat provides Advanced Balancing and Essentials for PvP.

Most PvP servers have many small and awkward plugins installed. One for Minecraft 1.9 combat reverting, one for combat logging, one for pearl/gapple cooldowns, one for death effects etc. This makes the server harder to update and maintain.

MassiveCombat aims to remedy that by providing all the combat tweaks you need (and some you never know you needed) as one single and solid plugin.

Do you want to revert from Minecraft 1.9 back to Minecraft 1.7 combat? You can do that with MassiveCombat. You can also configure a completely unique PvP experience with different weapon speed, weapon damage, armor protection and armor durability.

Everything is optional and configurable per world. All configuration can be done from ingame using commands or by editing the config file directly. No server restarts or reloads required.

Compatible Minecraft Versions

1.11.x | 1.10.x | 1.9.x
CraftBukkit, Spigot and PaperSpigot are compatible.
Cauldron and Thermos are NOT compatible.

NOTE: Only compatible with Minecraft 1.9 and above! But hey, just upgrade to Minecraft 1.9 already. With MassiveCombat you will get the experience you want anyways!


  • /combat
    The main base command.
  • /combat flag,tag or /flag,cf,cflag,tag,ct,ctag
    Show your current combat flag state.
  • /combat analyze [radius=show] or /ca [radius=show] Set event analyzer radius.
  • /combat config or /mcc
    Configure MassiveCombat.
  • /combat quickstart <quickstart>
    Apply a quickstart configuration.


  • Damage Analyzer – Inspect damage events. What plugins affected damage?
  • Enchanting – Use traditional level cost. Remove lapis cost.
  • Elytra – Disable them on worlds of your choice.
  • Potion Crafting – Craft potions in workbenches. No need for laggy redstone.
  • Potion Splitter – Automatically split potion stacks.
  • Potion Filter – Deny certain potion effects, such as invisibility.
  • God Apples – Disable them, Add Cooldowns, Add Crafting Recipe.
  • Chorus Fruit – Disable them, Add Cooldowns.
  • Ender Pearls – Disable them, Add Cooldowns, Fix Exploits.
  • Damage Filter – Deny certain damage types, such as fall damage.
  • Trashdrop – Specify worlds where items are deleted instead of dropped.
  • Health – Effective and fine grained health bar in % above player head.
  • Collisions – Disable the Minecraft 1.9 player collisions.
  • Projectiles – Should they go straight ahead or be a bit random?
  • Sweep Attack – Disable Minecraft 1.9 sword sweep attacks.
  • Damage Modifiers – Scale protection from blocking, armor, enchantments etc.
  • Attack Speed – Disable Minecraft 1.9 attack speed, or set custom speeds.
  • No Damage Ticks – Increase allowed attack frequency for better hit detection.
  • Critical – Damage, sprinting allowed and required bow force.
  • Fire – Lower the combustion chance or fully disable it.
  • Sharpness – Scale the strength of Sharpness/Arthropods/Power.
  • Attack Damage – Set the damage dealt on a per weapon item type.
  • Armor Protection – Set the armor protection given per armor item type.
  • Armor Durability – Set the armor durability per armor item type.
  • Flag – Flag players when in combat
  • Flag Logout – Kill players if the log out when in combat.
  • Flag Keep – Specify keeping armor, items and xp on death depending on flag.
  • Flag Commands – Deny certain commands depending on combat flag
  • Flag Permissions – Grant and deny certain permissions depending on flag.
  • Death Effects – Particles, sound and thunder. All configurable.
  • Spawn Effects – Particles, sound and thunder. All configurable.
  • Death Screen – Improve the death screen with particle effects.
  • Death Message – Radius limit and tweaks to player death messages.
  • MCMMO Runtime Config – Configure MCMMO during runtime.



MassiveCombat Flag Feature

The combat flag chat messages with tooltips.

MassiveCombat Collide Feature

Player collisions disabled in massive group hug.

MassiveCombat Console Config Feature

Console config output from /mcc show.

MassiveCombat Analyze Feature Armor

Event analyze tooltip for armor.

MassiveCombat Analyze Feature Final

Event analyze tooltip for final damage.

MassiveCombat Analyze Feature Stacktrace

Event analyze tooltip for plugin stacktrace.

The screenshots are a bit small, eh? You can click to enlarge!


Learn More

Apply a Quickstart Configuration!

What would you like combat to be like on your server? Execute one of the quickstart commands below to get started! Click the learn more button to the right for more information about the different quickstart configurations.
Learn More


  • /combat quickstart MassiveCraft
  • This is the configuration we use ourselves.
  • Instant attacks and no sword sweeps.
  • Lower no damage ticks for better hit detection.
  • Critical hits allowed when sprinting.
  • Armor at 75% to avoid endless fights.
  • Gold works just as Iron.
  • Leather never breaks.
  • Buffed hoes and spades.

Minecraft 1.7 / 1.8

  • /combat quickstart Minecraft1718
  • This configuration reverts to 1.7 / 1.8.
  • The way combat was before 1.9.
  • Instant attacks and no sword sweeps.
  • Critical hits allowed when sprinting.
  • Tools deal low damage.
  • Hoes deal no damage at all.
  • Gold is useless.

Minecraft 1.9

  • /combat quickstart Minecraft19
  • This configuration keeps combat at 1.9.
  • Sweep attacks remains enabled.
  • Attack speed remains enabled.
  • Axes has really slow attack speed.
  • Critical hits denied when sprinting.
  • Fights lasts forever.


Commands or File

There are two ways to configure MassiveCombat. You can edit the file /mstore/massivecombat_mconf/instance.json or you can use the command /combat config or /mcc (shorter alias). Either way the changes will take effect immediately. Just save the config file or execute the configuration command. The changes will be detected and loaded into the server at once.


In the configuration you will often find sections looking like {“standard”: true, “exceptions”:

[]}. These are so called ExceptionSets. They can work as both blacklists and whitelists. Most of the time they are used decide what world maps a certain feature is enabled on. Please take a look at these examples:













Damage Filter








No Damage Ticks









Flag Logout

Flag Keep

Flag Commands

Flag Permissions


Death Screen

Death Message



This plugin makes use of Bukkit’s standard permission node system. You can see the nodes in the plugin YAML below.

Permissions work out of the box.
You do not need an external permission manager plugin:

  1. All permissions are granted to OP players.
  2. The permission kit “massivecombat.kit.rank0” is granted to all players.

However if you do use an external permission manager plugin you can grant the permission kit nodes “massivecombat.kit.rank1”, “massivecombat.kit.rank2” and “massivecombat.kit.rank3” to your server moderators.

  • massivecombat.kit.rank1 – For your lowest rank staff members.
    Grants permission to /combat analyze.
  • massivecombat.kit.rank2 – For your middle rank staff members.
    Currently does nothing different from rank1.
  • massivecombat.kit.rank3 – For your highest rank staff members.
    Grants permission to /combat configure.

Note that these kits “inherit” each other. If you give a staff member “massivecombat.kit.rank3” that staff member will automatically get “massivecombat.kit.rank2” and “massivecombat.kit.rank1”.