MassiveMoney is is a money plugin developed specifically for MassiveCraft by Cayorion.

MassiveMoney offers an in-game currency and logs statistics. These statistics are used to detect causes for inflation and deflation with ease, tweak them, and offer our player base a remarkably stable in-game economy. Click the buttons at the top of the page to see these statistics.

  • Our in-game currency is called Regal.
  • New players start with 30 Regals.
  • The smallest amount of money you can transfer is 1 Regal. It’s not possible to transfer 0.1 Regals.


  • /money ?,h,help [page=1] display a help page
  • /money show [account=you] show balance
  • /money log,history [page=1] [account=you] view log
  • /money give,deposit,pay [message=] give money
  • /money take,withdraw [message=] take money
  • /money move [message=] move money
  • /money top,toplist [page=1] view money toplist
  • /money analyze [inactiveDaysMax=30] analyze economy
  • /money v,version display plugin version

Command Examples

MassiveMoney has built in Factions support. We suggest you use “/money” to handle your faction money instead of “/faction money”.

  • “steve” – Steve’s personal account
  • “f” – The account of your own faction
  • “f.asdf” – The account of the faction called asdf
  • “f.steve” – The account of the faction which Steve is in.

Use /money show to see your own money.
Use /money show steve to see steves money.
Use /money give steve 10 to give 10 Regals to Steve.
Use /money give steve 10 Thank you for the cookies! to supply a message with the transaction.
Use /money give f 1337 to give 1337 Regals to your faction bank.
Use /money take f 99 to take 99 Regals from your faction bank.
Use /money move f steve 20 to move 20 Regals from your faction bank to Steve.
Use /money give f.derp 200 Support for your war efforts. to give 200 Regals to the Faction derp with a message.
Use /money log to see the recent transactions for your personal account.
Use /money log 1 f to see the recent transactions for your faction bank.

We also have a really awesome money top-list!
Use /money top to see the first page.Use /money top 2 to see the second page.
Use /money top 3 to see the third page. etc.


All transactions are categorized by MassiveMoney. This is used in for statistics logging but also makes ingame transaction alerts and logs more useful.

  • Manual: Manual transactions such as /money give steve 10.
  • Rent: Costs for renting market stalls and houses in Regalia.
  • Factions: Costs for claiming faction land.
  • MassiveLock: Costs when creating new locks and adding parts.
  • Vote: Rewards from Voting.
  • Quest: Rewards from Quests.
  • Drop: Rewards from killing mobs.