Git information is stored in a flatfile database in the “.git” folder. To interface with that database you will need a Git client. There are many different Git clients to choose from. This guide will help you setup a cygwin terminal with pubkey authentication on Windows. This is the way Cayorion does it.


– Note –

If you are a Linux or MacOS user, you will not be needing PuTTY.
Your system will likely include OpenSSH and the commands necessary to generate a OpenSSH private and public key

First we are going to install cryptography software for public/private key authentication. This will help you by improving security and typing your password once, as opposed to every time you do something.

Download the PuTTY suite from using the “MSI (‘Windows Installer’)” link (for your specific architecture).

Create a public/private key pair using the following steps:

  • Launch the “PuTTYgen” application.
  • At the bottom of the window, ensure “Type of key to generate” is SSH-2 RSA.
  • At the bottom of the window, ensure “Number of bits in a generated key” is 2048.
  • Click the “Generate” button in the actions section.
  • Move your cursor around in the blank key section.
  • Set “Key comment” to your Minecraft username, such as “CS_Birb”.
  • Write your password in “Key passphrase” and “Confirm passphrase”. Please use a strong password.
  • Click “Save public key”, Save as “CS_Birb.public.txt” (using your own minecraft name).
  • Click “Save private key”, Save as “CS_Birb.ppk” (using your own minecraft name).

Make sure to save the two files you generated in a secure location where you don’t lose them. If you know yourself to be someone who can’t keep track of their files (like MonMarty) feel free to send the files to CS_Birb and he will store backups of them.

Now double click your .ppk. A window will open where you enter your password to unlock the key. On success the window will disappear. The Pageant keychain application is now running with a small minimized taskbar icon.

Do you want this password popup to appear everytime you start your computer? Add a shortcut to the .ppk in “%appdata%MicrosoftWindowsStart MenuProgramsStartup”.

Git Setup

Windows – CLI

The Git Client can be downloaded and installed from

Linux – CLI

Install the Git client from your package manager of choice. I.e.

Mac – CLI

Apple ship their own version of Git, however it may not always be the most up to date.
My personal recommendation is to install the Git CLI through homebrew.
If you do not have Homebrew, installation instructions can be found at the link above.

GitKraken – Git GUI

For the more GUI-inclined I’m quite fond of a nice piece of software called GitKraken. It’s a frequently-updated and very smooth GUI tool for Git.
Feel free to give it a try using our referral link!

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