The tech department is responsible for the MassiveCraft hardware and sofware infrastructure.

  • Code Minecraft plugins, such as Factions.
  • Finding and installing third party plugins.
  • Keep all software updated. OS, Minecraft servers, Services, websites etc.

The first point is the main one. We spend loads of time coding on our 30+ plugins. Any staff member regardless of department can suggest third party plugins. CS_Birb takes care of installing plugins, restarting servers and updating OS software (Alongside MonMarty, the server owner).

How We Do It

  • We code Bukkit plugins in Java.
  • We communicate using Discord.
  • We use Gitlab for revision control, and merge requests.
  • We use YouTrack for Issue Tracking and Work logs.
  • We work in iterations with feedback, rework, feedback, rework …

Join Staff

We’re always looking for volunteers!