The Direction Department is responsible for MassiveCraft as a whole.

  • Decide the future goals and direction for MassiveCraft.
  • Create projects for the other team members to complete.
  • Handle team member ranks.
  • Formulate policies.
  • Recruit staff and complete the relevant paperwork.
  • Innovate and Automate within all departments.
  • Advise and conduct oversight on all departments.
  • Determine the use and motivation of staff members and rank them up and down accordingly.
  • Remove roadblocks that may halt a Team member’s work.
  • Perform intensive paperwork and upkeep with as much delegation as possible.
  • Deal with security situations in a timely manner by consistently being communicative.
  • Perform HR tasks to ensure the overall Health of the Team.


The members of the Direction department are hand picked by MonMarty. To begin, these new Direction members are so-called “Direction Aspirants”, who advise and work with current Direction members on policy creation and department oversight.

After a short period of time and a few “test run” Direction Projects, as well as enhanced communication with all Directors and Cayorion, Direction 1’s generally being to then take on proper Direction Projects and begin taking heavier critique from their peers and superiors. Some time after, a Direction member may find themselves fully leading one or more departments, undertaking consistent Direction Projects, and in general being a “crucial” part of the server, at which point they are ranked up to Direction 2.


Direction Meeting

A meeting where the direction staff sits down and does something directly related. An example would be the “Monday Direction Meeting”. During this meeting, the weekly changelog on the main website is updated. The activity spreadsheet on Google docs is updated accordingly. Finally, the staff member rank ups and breakdowns for the week is decided and applied.

Individual Direction

Individual Direction is when a director sits down with a staff member and directs them in their involvement with MassiveCraft. Voice chat should preferably be used for these sessions (as opposed to text chat). Some possible topics include Handout of new Projects, Feedback on current Projects, Point assignment for completed Projects, Interstaff conflict resolution, Task group formation, Brainstorming and Motivational pep talk.

Team Building Event

An activity between more than 7 staff members of any department that is aimed at the building of team spirit and bring staff members closer to one another on a social level. This can be anything ranging from an online board game to a Skype video call, to a separate game or even Minecraft minigame server.

Tool Improvement, Documentation, and Reflection

Each month one can use the “Cayorian Six” method of doing Direction work, paying special attention to tasks that innovate, automate, or involve reflection on how to improve the server, or your main department, as a whole. The specifics are mentioned elsewhere, but generally each task should take 2 hours (points) each, resulting in 6 total


Recruiting new members is a necessary task and as such, a constant monitoring of Staff Applicants on the part of Direction is necessary. Filing the MassiveLegal paperwork, the Activity Sheet, the Contact Sheet, and other paperwork and Individual Direction makes for a busy hour per new staff member.

Delegation and Motivation

Ensuring that Projects are decided upon, undertaken, and completed in a timely manner is a crucial role for Direction Staff. Giving extensive feedback on Rank 3 Projects, working with Rank 2’s on their project goals, Rank 1’s on their training and overall competency skills, and aspirants on their teamwork and communication skills are tasks a Direction member ought to see to every week.

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