The Media Team is in charge of developing and maintaining the MassiveCraft image and brand. They must generally undertake projects to help the branding and relations between MassiveCraft and its community, and bring awareness on external platforms.


To become a staff member we always ask that you post a staff application. You can post an application by following this link towards the Staff Application Forums. In order to be considered for the Media Team, an applicant should show previous experience in areas such as graphic design, brand management, online social media marketing, public relations writing, or possess skills which will help them carry out the various projects the department is responsible for.

Members of the Media Team are recruited by the Direction Member in charge of the department, however other members of staff can offer input on the person when asked to pay testimony to their personality and skill set. It is recommended that those wishing to join the department display work similar to that presented by the Media Team to show off their skills and creativity. Great ways to show off your talents include writing player Guides, creating Wiki art, creating self-made trailers, writing stories, taking HD Screenshots, and more.


External Site Content

For the external sites on MassiveCraft, the content will need to be created, the pages will need to be updated, and in some cases management must be overtaken by a handful of Media Team members. To reflect this responsibility and the players this work brings in, some typical external site management tasks are reflected below.

Graphics Creation

Creating and editing images for use on the forums, main site, and more are necessary skills for Media Team member. The exact worth of the created graphic will be up to the Direction member reviewing it.

Video Creation

Videos are really long-term projects that can take weeks to complete but are of a tremendous benefit.


Not only must competitions be created and posted, they must be updated and processed when the competition is over and prizes need to be carried out.

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