The MassiveCraft World Staff has a large number of responsibilities on the server, ranging from creating worlds to filling them with builds, as well as maintaining the worlds and restoring them where necessary. The World Department comes closest to Minecraft as a base game play department, it thrives off the creativity of it’s members to make unique builds that enhance the experience of roleplayers or survival players in every world or area. Simple things such as flower arrangements, or larger builds like palaces and whole continents are made by the World Staff. The World Staff has it’s own worlds for build construction, as well as a storage world where builds are stored.


World Staff maintains two separate forms of recruitment. The first and foremost recruitment method is Staff Applications on the Forum. When applying for World Staff, a Portfolio is always required. The portfolio should show the height of the applicant’s building capabilities, with regards to block arrangement, color usage, contrast power and overall building quality.

Another method of recruitment is indirect talent scouting. World Officers or Leaders may approach players who they feel are very talented at building, and ask them if they have interest in joining the server Staff for world construction.

Good ways to position yourself well for either method, is to post regularly on your builds on the forum, or approach Leaders or Officers directly and ask them what they think of your builds. The Leader in particular is often the person who judges the build quality of others, and as such is a good person to approach when interested in joining the world staff.

World Department is tentatively split into two functioning teams; “The Regalia Build Team” and “The Survival Build Team”. For Regalia and other associated builds, a mastery of what we consider “V5” level building is required, which makes heavy use of depth, layering, multi-level structural design and aesthetic mastery of the current minecraft build blocks. While Survival World members do not necessarily need all those skills, they do need to have the consistency and flexibility to build more varying types of structures for survival events.


Large Build

Large builds often are large projects, such as large battleships, palaces, noble residences, or city walls etc. These projects are best done between 2 to 4 people. A project of this size should always be pre-approved by the Leader of the department. Adequate and frequent feedback on progress should also be requested from the contracted of the build.

Small Build

Small builds are small side projects, such as individual small buildings, houses, trees etc. These projects are best done between 1 to 2 people. This project only needs pre and post approval.

Group Project

Group projects are often massive builds that would take more than a week to complete. A good example of a large group project would be the Kade Chancellery, or the Regalian Cathedral. A project of this size should always be pre-approved by the Leader of the department. Adequate and frequent feedback on progress should also be requested from the contracted of the build. Group Projects always have a single leader that is in charge of getting the work organized and done. A suggested group of 4 to 6 support builders is recommended.

World Creation

World creation involves the creation of survival or world needed for quest islands etc. The size of the world and the amount of hours spent on the build vary greatly.

Land Restoration

Land restoration involves using the /restore on a region to restore it to snapshot settings. Prior work to investigate whether the area was in use is included in this project, and is mandatory. Region area restored is understood as an area roughly 100×100 blocks. Research whether the area was in use, is included in this.

City Planning

City planning involves street layout planning and road mapping for world capitals.

BO2 Creation

Creating a variety of BO2 Packs is crucial for world creation, and as a result, BO2 work is heavily rewarded assuming the quality is passed off on by a World Lead.

Prefab Pack Construction

Prefab Pack Construction means building a pack of at least 10 houses of which 2 houses are at least corner houses, that can be used to create a road with housing connected to one another seamlessly. The houses should all have 8 dimension export points, and share a seamless wall on both sides that will not conflict with other housing when pasted next to each other.

Regalian Upkeep

With Regalia being an ever-expanding and reconstructive world space, we often need to touch up existing builds, change existing buildings for roleplay purposes, or ensuring quality builds throughout the Regalian Streets. This can include small tasks like ticket mandated sign changes and window coloring.

Event Assistance

Often times Lore Staff will need help hosting events. World Staff are key to setting up roleplay event areas for lore staff. Often, you’ll have to get creative with what you build and how you use it.

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