Custom Recipes

  1. Introduction
  2. Premium Recipes
    1. Various
      1. Name Tag
      2. Firecrackers
  3. General Recipes
    1. Horse Armor (All Variations)
      1. Iron Horse Armor
      2. Gold Horse Armor
      3. Diamond Horse Armor
    2. Chainmail
      1. Chainmail Helmet
      2. Chainmail Chestplate
      3. Chainmail Leggings
      4. Chainmail Boots
    3. Potions
      1. Healing I
      2. Healing II
      3. Splash Healing I
      4. Splash Healing II
      5. Regeneration I
      6. Regeneration II
      7. Regeneration I (Extended)
      8. Splash Regeneration I
      9. Splash Regeneration II
      10. Splash Regeneration I (Extended)
      11. Swiftness I
      12. Swiftness II
      13. Swiftness I (Extended)
      14. Splash Swiftness I
      15. Splash Swiftness II
      16. Splash Swiftness I (Extended)
      17. Fire Resistance
      18. Fire Resistance (Extended)
      19. Splash Fire Resistance
      20. Splash Fire Resistance (Extended)
      21. Slowness
      22. Slowness (Extended)
      23. Splash Slowness
      24. Splash Slowness (Extended)
      25. Poison I
      26. Poison II
      27. Poison I (Extended)
      28. Splash Poison I
      29. Splash Poison II
      30. Splash Poison I (Extended)
      31. Night Vision
      32. Night Vision Extended
      33. Splash Night Vision
      34. Splash Night Vision (Extended)
      35. Weakness
      36. Splash Weakness
      37. Splash Weakness (Extended)
      38. Strength I
      39. Strength II
      40. Strength I (Extended)
      41. Splash Strength I
      42. Splash Strength II
      43. Splash Strength I (Extended)
      44. Leaping I
      45. Leaping II
      46. Leaping I (Extended)
      47. Splash Leaping I
      48. Splash Leaping II
      49. Splash Leaping I (Extended)
      50. Harming I
      51. Harming II
      52. Splash Harming I
      53. Splash Harming II
      54. Water Breathing
      55. Water Breathing (Extended)
      56. Splash Water Breathing
      57. Splash Water Breathing (Extended)
      58. Dragon’s Breath
    4. Various
      1. Saddle
      2. Beacon
      3. Coal Block
      4. Grass Block
      5. Books
      6. Elytra
      7. Cracked Stonebrick
      8. Chiseled Stonebrick
      9. Packed Ice
      10. Sponge
      11. Ghast Tear
      12. Ink
      13. Dead Bush
      14. Lily Pad
      15. Beetroot Seed
      16. Sugar Cane
      17. Potato
      18. Carrot
      19. Nether Wart
    5. Slab Variants
      1. Quartz Block
      2. Dark Oak Wood Planks
      3. Acacia Wood Planks
      4. Oak Wood Planks
      5. Birch Wood Planks
      6. Jungle Wood Planks
      7. Spruce Wood Planks
      8. Sandstone
      9. Bricks
      10. Nether Brick
    6. Circular Recipes
      1. Sand and Red Sand
      2. String and Cobweb
      3. String and Wool
      4. Mossy Stonebrick
      5. Glowstone Block and Dust
      6. Clay Block and Balls


All standard recipes work on MassiveCraft. We have however added in a few custom recipes that work on MassiveCraft only. This page covers all our custom recipes.

Premium Recipes

As a premium member you get access to these special crafting recipes.


Name Tag

3x String and 1x EmeraldName Tag


1x Paper, 1x Gunpowder, 1x Glowstone Dust → 3 Firecrackers

General Recipes

All players get access to these crafting recipes.

Horse Armor (All Variations)

Iron Horse Armor

Iron Horse Armor

1x Wool and 6x Iron Ingot Iron Horse Armor

Gold Horse Armor

Gold Horse Armor

1x Wool and 6x Gold IngotGold Horse Armor

Diamond Horse Armor

Diamond Horse Armor

1x Wool and 6x DiamondDiamond Horse Armor


Chainmail Helmet

3x Iron Ingots, 2x Iron Fence/BarsChainmail Helmet

Chainmail Chestplate

3x Iron Ingots, 5x Iron Fence/BarsChainmail Chestplate

Chainmail Leggings

3x Iron Ingots, 4x Iron Fence/BarsChainmail Leggings

Chainmail Boots

2x Iron Ingots, 2x Iron Fence/BarsChainmail Boots




5x Leather and 2x Iron IngotSaddle


5x Diamond Block, 1x Glowstone, 3x Obsidian → Beacon

Coal Block

9x CharcoalBlock Of Coal

Grass Block

Dirt and Wheat Seeds →1x Grass Block



Bookshelf → 3x Book


4x Diamond Block and 5x FeatherElytra

Cracked Stonebrick

1x Stone Brick and 1x FlintCracked Stonebrick

Chiseled Stonebrick

4x Clay and 1x Stone BrickChiseled Stone Brick

Packed Ice

9x IcePacked Ice


4x Oak Sapling and 5x SandSponge

Ghast Tear

4x Diamonds, 4x Iron Ingot, 1x Water BottleGhast Tear


4x Coal and 1x Water BottleInk

Dead Bush

1x Fern and 1x Ink SacDead Bush

Lily Pad

3x Oak Leaves → Lily Pad

Beetroot Seed

2x Sugar Cane and 1x SeedBeetroot Seeds

Sugar Cane

6x Oak Leaves and 3x SticksSugar Cane


4x Packed Dirt, 2x Bone meal, 2x Water Bottle, 1x Seed  → Potato


4x Podzol, 2x Bone Meal, 2x Water Bottle, 1x Seed → Carrot

Slab Variants

Quartz Block

x2 Quartz slab  → Quartz Block

Dark Oak Wood Planks

2x Dark Oak Wood SlabDark Oak Plank

Acacia Wood Planks

2x Acacia Wood SlabAcacia Wood Plank

Oak Wood Planks

2x Oak Wood SlabOak Wood Plank

Birch Wood Planks

2x Birch Wood SlabBirch Wood Plank

Jungle Wood Planks

2x Jungle Wood SlabJungle Wood Plank

Spruce Wood Planks

x2 Spruce Wood Slab  → Spruce Wood Plank


2x Sandstone SlabSandstone


2x Brick Slab →  Brick

Nether Brick

2x Nether Brick SlabNether Brick

Circular Recipes

Sand and Red Sand


SandRed Sand

String and Cobweb

9x String Cobweb

String and Wool


4x StringWool


Wool ↔ 4x String

Mossy Stonebrick

Glowstone Block and Dust

Glowstone Block and Dust

Clay Block and Balls