Renting Property

The city is busy with a bustle unlike anywhere else, but the streets draw quiet in the residential areas. You pass by families carrying children, young up-and-coming self starters, and even those who slither into the dark alleys as you search for a place to call your own..”

Rentals are abundant throughout Regalia, Survival World Spawns, and the Market. Almost every house in Regalia can be rented! In Regalia, the AreaShop plugin controls house rental, quick teleportation, and adding permissions for your friends. AreaShop messages instantly pop up with rental status and information when entering a house’s rental region, once per entry – almost like saying, “Welcome home!”

Players can rent regions at various prices in the Market (/tp Market), Regalia (/tp Roleplay), and survival worlds (/worlds). All rental regions can be extended for up to three months at a time.

AreaShop Commands

  • /as – shows available commands for AreaShop.
  • /as rent – rents the building (retyping extends the rental by another month).
  • /as unrent – removes ownership of the building.
  • /as me – shows your rented regions and information.
  • /as addfriend, delfriend – add or remove friends for build permissions.
  • /as find rent – teleport to nearest house inside your budget amount.
  • /as info forrentbring up a list of all properties available for rent in the world you are in.
  • /as tp [region name] – teleport to your region.
  • /as settp – set teleport spot for your region (unavailable in survival worlds).

Empty House

House Rented By Player

By typing /as rent while standing inside the region, the building will be rented by you. The chat will then give you all information on payment and house rental.