How to Rent in Regalia

You are in awe at all the walks of life traversing through the busy streets of Regalia. “One day I will make enough regals to live among these citizens.”

Almost every house in Regalia can be rented. This is done by interacting with the house and using the AreaShop plugin. When entering a building, the rental status will be given to you with a greeting message that will be given once only when entering.

There are many rental regions within Regalia to choose from. All of which cost approximately 50 regals a month. Extensions to the rent are possible. Meaning you can have your region paid for in advance for the same price. Extensions are capped at and can only be extended 3 months.

Empty House

House Rented By Player

By typing /as rent while standing inside the region, the building will be rented by you. The chat will then give you all information on payment and house rental.

These are all the relevant commands:

  • /as
    shows available commands for AreaShop
  • /as rent
    rents the building (retyping extends the rental by another month)
  • /as unrent
    removes ownership of the building
  • /as me
    shows your rented regions and information
  • /as addfriend, delfriend
    add or remove friends for build permissions
  • /as find rent <value>
    teleport to nearest house inside your budget amount
  • /as tp [region name]
    teleport to your region
  • /as settp
    set teleport spot for your region

A majority of rental regions are separated into several districts which pander to specific communities, each having their own identity and theme.

The following are the aforementioned themed districts with their rental region names that you can choose from:

  • Hangroad District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Hangroad.
  • Daen District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Daenlock.
  • Ithania District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Ithaniancourt.
  • Regalish District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Eastwoldroad.
  • Altalar District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Altalaan and Metlalaan.
  • Varran District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Clawcourt.
  • Yanar District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Petalcourt.
  • Velheim District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Godscourt.
  • Allar District.
    • Rental Region name in the district:
      • Taloncourt.
  • No District.
    • Miscellaneous Rental Regions:
      • Bilgecourt.
      • Emporiumcourt.
      • Lioncourt.
      • Dragonbend.
      • Imperialisle.
      • Queenwall.

Regalia House Rules

  • You may not alter the exterior of any building, either through use of pistons or accidental access to the region that overlaps outside walls. Altering the exterior of a building in Regalia is counted as griefing. You will be evicted without a refund.
  • You may alter the interior of your house in whatever way you please.
  • Any house can have a sign added to it, to become a shop. One must apply on the shop conversion thread on the forums.
  • You may rent as many houses in Regalia as the plugin allows you to but only 1 MarketPlace Shop. If you own too many then you may have to unrent one of your Regalian houses to get a MarketPlace Shop.
  • Use /ticket if you want the color of your windows to be changed of if you suspect there is an error in your region.
  • Rentable regions in Regalia must be used for roleplay. Those who use it as storage or who have nothing in their homes and have it rented for months will be evicted without refund during rental activity checks.

Please respect the rules of the Regalian Houses. Refusal to adhere to the rules will result in a non revocable eviction without refund.