The Game Department is responsible for in-game moderation, player support, survival content creation, and balancing gameplay mechanics.

  • Answer help tickets using MassiveTickets.
  • Answer questions in the help channel and assist players in-game.
  • Manage Survival Systems and Play within Factions to encourage general activity.
  • Enforce rules in-game, promoting healthy and friendly interactions within the Community.
  • Create tutorials regarding gameplay and PvP.
  • Assist the Tech Department in determining what plugins to develop/install.
  • Playtest and balance gameplay mechanics and PvP features.
  • Host unique server-wide, in-game events and minigames.
  • Maintain and create content for the factions community.


The Game staff department is here to help, guide and entertain the community. Most points come from Events, Player Assistance such as tickets or help chat, Building, and Content Creation.


MassiveTickets is the plugin the Game Staff use to help players https://www.massivecraft.com/massivetickets. Once Rank 1 training is completed you will be able to take tickets and assist Rank 2’s and Rank 1’s on them for more experience.

Help Chat Support

Help chat is where many players go to get quick answers for their problems. Game Staff members help the player base through answering player questions in the help chat channel. Make sure your answer is correct. Ask a senior staff member if you are unsure. Additionally avoid long conversations which should be taken to private chat to reduce spam. As opposed to the MassiveTickets you don’t need to have taken training to answer help chats. If a problem is too big for help chat or requires immediate staff assistance and attention the player should be encouraged to use the MassiveTicket system.

Player Reports

Player reports is when a player reports another player. This requires rank 2 game staff to handle. Rank 2 game staff must be approved and trained by rank 2 or 3 game staff to handle player reports. The staff member will review the report, investigate by the use of logs, screenshots and various other tools at their disposal. If there is uncertainty the staff member will consult with other staff members for their opinion before conveying the result of the investigation to the reporter and dealing with the offender if necessary.

Only Available to Rank 2 game staff with rank 3 approval and training.


Events are held at staff discretion, we have many events tailored for all ranks to host. You need training before you can host an event to insure maximum efficiency and quality. Some events such as PvE events require MassiveMobs and clearance before it is set up.

Survival System Management

Maintaining activity and interest in the Survival system is a crucial part of MassiveCraft. Managing these systems to keep them entertained is a crucial service offered by game staff. If you have an interest in running an existing, old, or entirely new system, contact Sephite.

Ban Appeals

Ban appeals are handled by Direction and Rank 3. These require experience, training and trust. Every week we get between 10-30 ban appeals. These have to be answered in a professional way and requires Rank 3 overview, even if a rank 2 starts it.

Lower ranked staff cannot see ban appeals. Only the Game staff leader can train or approve someone for ban appeal work.

Help Central

Help Central is on the MassiveCraft forums and is where players ask for information and help regarding various issues. We encourage everyone who wants to apply for game staff as well as every existing game staff to answer these questions to the best of their abilities. Make sure your answer is correct. Ask a senior staff member if you are unsure.

Staff Rank Training

Staff rank training is done by the individual staff member with the training documentation. Further training may require another game staff member to instruct a lower or equal rank, and this too is worth points. Training includes but is not limited to: tickets, punishments, staff codex, war declarations, warfare rules, in-depth rules, hacked clients, chat infractions and more.

Team-Building Activities

Being a member of the Game Department can be a great experience, but it can also be stressful. It’s important for game staff members to be able to get along well, relax, and communicate outside of just handling rule break situations. For this reason, if a staff member wishes to host a team-building activity they can earn a project point for this.

Content Creation

Content is always being created in the Game Department. These can range from big faction events such as Crisis of Nobles to small content such as a questline implemented at spawn. Any Game member in the department may create a project that is geared towards content for the community. Although it is recommended as an Aspirant to learn and integrate yourself into the department first to get a feel of what is expected. The following points are for every hour spent on your said project.

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