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What is Amontaar?

Journey to Amontaar is MassiveCraft’s upcoming Summer RPG event, beginning on the 30th June EST

During this event, players will travel to an all-new map to visit the sparkling city of Amontaar, an Elven city-state ruled by a Dynasty ancient as the Goddess who lives, elusive, within its walls. Having adeptly dodged the troubles of hundreds if not thousands of years, it remains independent, a port where enough money to buy a Princedom changes hands every day.

However, that independence is now at risk. Daendroque mercenaries under a famous Furyborn captain nicknamed the ‘King of Hel,’ Augustin Roca, have invaded with the intention of taking those profits for themselves. Players now enter this conflict, with the power to choose a side or define their own, and play kingmaker or kingbreaker as they see fit.

What to Expect


  • Regalia will remain open during the event. Regalian rentals will be accessible to upkeep.
  • Players will be able to rent instanced housing in Amontaar.
  • Mercenary Companies will be allotted larger regions in the city to serve as a base of operations.
  • Players with background ties to Amontaar may open a Ticket to discuss receiving a region in the city for their character.

Roleplay Event Details

  • Amontaar contains a Skirmish system, where registered Mercenary Companies may battle for rewards and private events.
  • Anyone can register a Mercenary Company, which allows participation in extra content. [Mercenary sign up sheet]
  • Nobility will, as well, have access to special interactions. [Aristocracy Registry Manual]
  • Everyone and anyone can participate! You don’t need to form or join a mercenary company or be an aristocrat to take part in the Amontaar event line.

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