The Scholar District

If one were to zigzag though the city, it might take them quite some time to locate the small plaza that seems to not keep up with the architecture around it. Though in reality, the Scholar District encompasses much more than those outdated, teal roofs., stretching from the Azure Spire, all the way to the wall separating it from the New Ithanian District.

Due to it’s massive and arbitrary size, it’s hard to pin down a similar structure to the buildings. In originality, the Scholar District was made up of buildings primarily stonework and colourful windows, featuring blue roofs as well. However, expansions were made, and architecture changed, with the district being littered with all kinds of different buildings, leaving the original plaza rather behind. Some utilizing warm bricks, some coloured walls, and some with mainly wooden structures. This is certainly leagues different than most other districts, which generally have a uniform set of materials and objects used in their structural makeup. The typical cobbled roads are the only ones throughout the district, as expected. That being said, the district is rather plain in this regard. A few sparse water features makeup some plazas, such as in front of the Azure Spire, while other roads simply just keep going to the next house. Deeper in the northernmost portion of the district, you can see bountiful colours of banners hanging across alleyways, or shop carts littering the roads, but unfortunately this isn’t synonymous with the rest of the area.

For the citizens, this is a rather common place to live, much like the main district would be. The majority of the buildings stretching across the district as residences for the middle class, with really no exception beyond the rare business or governmental building. Crime is about as normal as can be here, due to the district’s rather uncanny ability to be overlooked in its importance, though guards patrol normally as they would. Many question why it’s actually called the scholar’s district, nothing about the areas gives away the people living there are somehow more intelligent than in other areas of the city. However, it’s a question rather ignored, as the people living here are more focused on their day-to-day, rather than investigative questions of the reasoning for the naming for the district.

Notable landmarks are where this area begins to shine however. Outpacing the outdated buildings, the boring nature of it, and the calmness, is the Azure Spire. A behemoth of a buildings, the Spire stretches high as the eye can see, and the occupants inside doing their work to counteract some of the most powerful mages this city has seen. People living closest to the Azure Spire can even hear the screams and pleas of mages, which must account for why the rent is rather normal for even the nicest homes around it. The Merchant Guild building is also featured just barely at the fringe of the district. Business owners and burghers alike come and go from the large complex, all doing what they can for the overall success of their shops.

IC Setting:

  • To mages, this might just be the most avoided district, due to the Azure Spire being housed in the heart of the area.
  • It’s common for people to confuse portions of this district with the Main or Commerce, due to similar architecture.
  • Guard Patrols are as commonplace as they would any area, resulting in a pretty normal crime rate around the residences. However, the closer to the Azure Spire one gets, crime tends to dwindle off for obvious reasons.
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Daily Creeper – March 18th

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Weekend Roundup – March 18th

Weekend Roundup

Friday March 18th – Sunday March 19th


Role Play Events
Minigame Events
Join Game Staff Saturday night between 1 and 3am GMT for a game!
The game time will be announced in event chat that night.  Make sure you’ve joined event chat!
Stay in event chat all weekend long for surprise mingame events!
/c join e
As usual, KOTH will be running every three hours
3am/pm, 6am/pm, 9am/pm, 12am/pm EST
MassiveMusic Weekend
It’s World Music weekend! Share with the community your favorite traditional music!  From irish jigs to kpop, time for an internationally fun time!
Beginning 3/17/17 before noon!
Competition Reminder
The Limerick Writing Competition ends on 3/20/17. Make sure you submit your entries!
Sturdy Walls Building Competition ends 4/5/17 – Start Building!
News to Catch Up On
MassiveMusic Tip: Those Woots and Mehs help the community know what you like to hear!
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Daily Creeper – 11th of March

Like these Daily Creepers? We have even more on our forums page! Click here for more riveting tales!

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Massivecraft Updated To 1.11.2!

Hello everyone!

It is with great pleasure I am here to announce us finally updating to Minecraft version 1.11.2! It took a while to update all of our plugins but it’s here!

And guess what! All versions you were running previously will still be available for usage. We are still fully, backwards compatible with all the previous versions you were using before! So make sure you all update and take advantage of the amazing things 1.11.2 has like rocket powered elytra flight! Plus there’s no telling when we’ll get those awesome Shulker boxes.

Have a Massive day!

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MassiveMagic: New Crafting System!

Hello everyone!

It’s time for another MassiveMagic update. From here on out we will be giving everyone further insights into the fabled plugin step by step. In this post we’ll be talking all about the Massive crafting system coupled with MassiveMagic. The crafting will be a brother system to Magic. Working hand in hand by providing new items to be collected, used, and of course affect how you cast spells.

Crafting and how it works

The crafting system is practically endless in its possibilities and what can be added. Access to the system is granted through a separate GUI by clicking a magical crafting table with a special item. The GUI will open up on your screen, just like when you right click a crafting table but with a few major changes. The GUI has a 4×4 grid as opposed to the normal 3×3 you are used too, offering a plethora of new combinations of items to create and build. To the right of the GUI is a interactable group of buttons that allow you to view the several options you have for the ingredients in your table.

The items

A good portion of items will be craftable quite similarly to the vanilla version. However several will have a unique spin to them as to how you get to them. Take for instance a sword. In vanilla Minecraft, a sword is made with a stick and two blocks/ingots. With MassiveMagic, you will be able to take part in a much more immersive crafting system. A sword in our custom crafting system would perhaps be made with a hilt, pommel, guard, and a blade. But to acquire these items, you must craft them as well. So a hilt would require two sticks to craft. A blade would require two ingots. So on and so forth. We hope this will provide something far more interesting and engaging than what you receive from vanilla Minecraft. Following suit, we have several ways to not just craft items, but to also learn new items to craft. You can obtain new configurations through the process of blueprints! With these you’ll be able to pick up new things to craft in your already vast array to choose from. These could be dropped from quests, mobs, or just about anything really! Not only this but you’ll be able to learn recipes to craft things like Magic tomes to learn new spells to cast! There is virtually no limit to this system and can always be expanded on.

If you’d like to read an interview with the mastermind behind MassiveMagic, click this link to see our forums post!

As you can see this new system offers something for everyone! Whether you’re new, a collector, or need some end game content, this provides it all! In the comments below, we will be hosting another Q&A, but focused on the crafting system. Feel free to ask @ulumulu1510 or @Kaezir about anything in regards to the system. In fact, feel free to offer your ideas or suggestions; things you’d like to see. We’d happily engage in a conversation and try to provide as much feedback as possible.

Have a Massive day!

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Daily Creeper – Vegetable Menace!

Have something to share with the writers of the Creeper? Feel free to share in a comment below!

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Daily Creeper – Feb 10

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Daily Creeper – February 4th Edition!

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Voting Rewards Reinstated!

Due to changes in the Minecraft EULA, voting rewards have been brought back to the server. In light of this, John the Pious has finally closed up shop and has left to take care of his family after being away from them so long. It’s not so easy being an immortal, never moving NPC. Players are now able to gain rewards for voting for MassiveCraft on various websites.
If you haven’t voted before, it is quite simple. In game type /vote and click each green link one by one. Input your name and the captcha then click vote! You are guaranteed 10 regals per vote and then you have the chance of winning, even more, regals, lore items, and materials! You can do each site at least once every 24 hours.  The following websites give out rewards.
So go out there and vote for the server! Every little bit counts. For those of you wondering, we still have plans to bring in some really awesome rewards for voting on polls so keept spreading the word and telling your friends. Do the poll here!
As always from your friendly neighborhood staff,
Have a Massive Day!
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