Daily Creeper – Vegetable Menace!

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Daily Creeper – Feb 10

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Daily Creeper – February 4th Edition!

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Voting Rewards Reinstated!

Due to changes in the Minecraft EULA, voting rewards have been brought back to the server. In light of this, John the Pious has finally closed up shop and has left to take care of his family after being away from them so long. It’s not so easy being an immortal, never moving NPC. Players are now able to gain rewards for voting for MassiveCraft on various websites.
If you haven’t voted before, it is quite simple. In game type /vote and click each green link one by one. Input your name and the captcha then click vote! You are guaranteed 10 regals per vote and then you have the chance of winning, even more, regals, lore items, and materials! You can do each site at least once every 24 hours.  The following websites give out rewards.
So go out there and vote for the server! Every little bit counts. For those of you wondering, we still have plans to bring in some really awesome rewards for voting on polls so keept spreading the word and telling your friends. Do the poll here!
As always from your friendly neighborhood staff,
Have a Massive Day!
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Diet of Regalia – Day 4 and 5!

Hello MassiveCraft!

After the Usurpist Freya Lo fell, the citizenry of Regalia has been going through multiple heated debates on the topic of how the city will be run. We’re happy to announce that day Three and day Four of the Regalian diet will be held on the 3rd and the 4th of February.

The first of these two events will be held on Friday the 3rd at 24:00 GMT. The Diet will be about the accusations on Nobility, in which they will be put to trial. In order to engage the community more, players can send in IC letters to the Imperial Administration addressing the High Justicar. (Send a Forum PM to @MonMarty in the form of an IC letter)

Letters can be sent until 11:00 GMT, the accusations that will be taken into the trial will be announced an hour later.

The second of these events will be held on Saturday the 4th at 24:00 GMT.  This diet’s main focus is the Crown Isle government. The possibility of a government reform, and how this should be done will be discussed. The nobility of title Count and up may even make a plea to the Emperor regarding the reform of the Crown Isle Government, though all are allowed to attend.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

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Daily Creeper Jan 29th: Diet Results!

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Daily Creeper – Jan 28th

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Recent Server Update Changes

Just this Wednesday the server was updated to include a few new features! Unfortunately 1.11.1 and 1.11.2 are still not able to be used on the server and are to come in a future update. Instead, here is a list of the new things that were brought with the update!
We currently have two new Premium features brought to the roster:
  • Now, all premiums can autograph items using /sign. By typing /sign, the item help will present in grey text, “Signed by (name)”. Have adoring fans? Get out there and start signing items!
  • This feature isn’t new but it is now Premium exclusive. From this point on you will only be able to record kills on items if you a Premium member.
The following is now a feature available for all!
  • All block breaks with items in your hand are now recorded on the item! Whether it’s stone on stone or wheat on wheat, anything you break using an item will be counted and recorded on this item.
We also have two bugfixes that have been dealt with:
  • MassiveMobs should now be 100% tameable again! Get out there and feed them your rare metals to bolster your undead army.
  • Ender Pearls now have a cooldown again! It has been placed up to 30 seconds.
That’s everything brought in with the new update. Stay posted for new and amazing things in the future. Have a Massive Weekend!
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District Spotlight – Harbor District

A morning dawns, signaling the sailors to work and the day to begin.

The Harbor district is cleverly named for exactly the purpose it serves to the Crown City. The cobbled and narrow streets circumventing the city are generally brimming with sailors, workers, and traders from all over the Empire, all scurrying about to complete whichever task the day needs doing. Though even with the dirt and grime from saltwater stained boots plastering the stoney roads, one can’t help but admire the beauty provided by the shanty town with its sails fluttering in the wind, attached to the massive ships snoozing at bay.

The majority of this tattered district is made of shanty houses, peppered by winds blowing off the sea, and sprawling like a web across the span of the area. Warehouses used for storage are commonplace, typically owned by the various sailors and merchants who call this place home. Not to mention the bar life here is active to say the least, with the songs of sailors carrying out of the Obscure Oyster into the smoky night sky. Equally so, any passerby at really any time of day, can see the dwarfing ships resting at the harbor, with deckhands unloading spices, wines, treasures, and really anything else one could imagine that they retrieved from exotic ends of the world. In the distance, the exquisite Imperial Bridge is visible, that connects the Imperial Palace to the Crown City. Luckily for the Harbor-living folks, this commonplace festival area means they’re first in line for the fun and games, and even in a more grandeur scale, get the best seats for when the Emperor himself gives speeches to the public from the bridge area.

Not all is sailors and fat merchants, however. The Harbor is infamous for being the step up from the Poor District, categorically. Cheaper living means cheaper folk, and unfortunately the area is crawling with lowlives, thieves, and scoundrels of all kinds. Though on the flip side of the regal, some are just decent folk trying to have decent lives. Despite the populace, one can’t ignore the noise pollution of the surrounding area. Ship crews shouting, brawls in the alleys, merchants yelling out to sell their wares, and finally the constant sound of the sea and seagulls singing softly to the rest of the population. All of this makes for quite a noisy part of town.

The best thing of note, as aforementioned, has to be the jeweled Imperial Bridge, right off to the side of the Harbor District borders. Fairs, festivals, Imperial Speeches, and many other events, tend to be hosted as the ships pass through the area in the distance. Also, right smack in the middle of the Harbor Proper, is Vladis Castle. While in essence a relic and out of commision, it is still a beautiful sight for anyone looking to revel in the history of the Crown Isle. In wrapping up, one could say life is never dull in this neck of the woods, as long as you aren’t the one scrubbing the decks of the ships while your captain drinks your pay away in the Obscure Oyster.

IC Setting:

  • The Harbor District is typically loud and obscene. It’s an area of sailors and sometimes scoundrels, and silence is scarce to find as a noble is down there.
  • Violets make a point of trudging through this district, due to the clear breeding ground for thievery and law-breaking. Any true criminal would know to keep their wits about them.
  • The Harbor is known for the various ship crews, and even nefarious gangs who slither up from the sewer depths for a drink at the Oyster.
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Daily Creeper – Jan 23: Busted!

A new issue of the Daily Creeper! Your one and only news source for the recent happenings in the Regalian Empire, and Aloria at large!

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