Weekend Roundup April 21-23

Weekend Roundup
Friday April 21st – Sunday April 23rd
Role Play Events
A Tailoring Workshop – 4/21/17 – 7pm GMT, 2pm EST
Public Merchant’s Meeting #19 – 4/21/17 11pm GMT, 6pm EST
Navy Appreciation Banquet – 4/21/17 11pm EST (4am 4/22/17 GMT)
The Plad and Silks Games – 4/22/17  5GMT, 12pm EST
Storm Crows Base Grand Opening –  4/23/17 12pmGMT, 5pm EST
Minigame Events
Stay in event chat all weekend long for surprise mingame events!
/c join e
As usual, KOTH will be running every three hours
1am/pm, 4am/pm, 7am/pm, 10am/pm GMT
Egg Decorating – Ends 4/28/17
MassiveMusic Weekend
It’s Moody Weekend!  When it’s rainy and grey, what sets the mood?  Give us songs to sing to, dance to, or mope to
Beginning 4/22/17 before noon!
Join the MassiveMusic Community
News to Catch Up On
This is a large change with many smaller restructures!  Explore it well!
Job Island has been released!  Check it out at /tp packisle
Ever have a tech related question about MassiveCraft?  Ask away here at the Tech Q&A
Are you MassiveCraft’s next video creator? Video recruitment starts here!
Thanks for reading!  Have a Massive Day!
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Weekend Roundup – April 14th

Weekend Roundup
Friday April 14th – Sunday April 16th
Role Play Events
A Grand Hunt  –  4/14/17   9pm GMT, 4pm EST
The Patriarchy Wins Again! – 4/14/17  11pm GMT, 6pm EST
House Vauclain Presents: Dragon Festival Day – 4/15/17 1 0pm GMT, 5pm EST
The Fashionista Dinner –  4/17/17  7pm GMT, 2pm EST
Minigame Events
In celebration of the release of Pack Isle, join game staff Sunday morning after you’ve found all your Easter eggs for a fun hunt of our own!
In addition – the Easter Bunny comes to Warrenord!  Sign on Sunday morning for the release of a special quest!
Stay in event chat all weekend long for surprise mingame events!
/c join e
As usual, KOTH will be running every three hours
1am/pm, 4am/pm, 7am/pm, 10am/pm GMT
MassiveMusic Weekend
It’s Work,Work,Work,Work,Work weekend! Share with the community the songs that get you in the zone! Fight songs, get up and dance songs, or just plain “Cool Guy Walks Away from Explosions” rock anthems!  Whatever music motivates you!
Beginning 4/14/17 before noon!
Join the MassiveMusic Community
Fun Stuff
News to Catch Up On
New Video
Check out the latest spotlight video exploring Job Isle! Premiering Saturday only at MassiveCraft’s YouTube Channel
Are you MassiveCraft’s next video creator?  Show up Michael Bay and create some videos with less explosions!  Video recruitment starts here!
Want to make sure your event or post doesn’t get missed by PR Staff? Use the post tag “Massive Roundup” to make sure we catch it!
Have an idea to bring to the server?  Read and post in the Feature & Idea Discussion area of the forum.
Have a Massive Weekend
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Job Island is Releasing this Sunday!

Hello everyone!

After months and months of storytelling and whispers, the fiction has been brought to life.. Job Island! Also now known as Pack Isle. This beautifully crafted masterpiece has been put together block by block for the sheer purpose of getting you the hard earned cash. You now have a quick and easy way to stimulate your income through several quests on this island.

However, these have an incredibly unique spin to them. As you do more and more jobs, higher paying jobs unlock. So the more active you are, the more you will benefit from continual use. This is an incredibly interactive quest structure that puts it apart from what we already have out there. Guaranteed to keep you coming back if you need some extra regals in your pocket. Not only is this island made to earn you money, but it looks absolutely gorgeous. Enjoy the sights while stashing your cash.

Now when exactly will the player base be allowed to enter Pack Isle?

This Sunday at 5PM eastern time we will be releasing the island in it’s fullest extent! But that’s not all! We will also be holding a Massive staff hide and seek event where all the staff will hide in easter eggs, each holding a unique lore item to give out the first five players to find them! So don’t just come for the money, come for the items.

Have a Massive Day!

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Battery Loaded, Camera Started! – Video Recruitment

The PR-Department is in charge of developing and maintaining the MassiveCraft Image and Brand on the forums, wiki, and several other social medias. We are also in charge of creating a lot of informative and entertaining videos for our player base, which should show each player the best aspects of MassiveCraft as a whole. As such, the MassiveCraft-Team wants to offer you the chance to learn more about the process of video creation and how you can help us with your ideas!

When and for what do we need videos?
A good question! The creation of a video is following the overall PR-Schedule, which plans several months ahead of when a video is required to be done. Most videos are created for a particular post on the forums, either to support the thread or to announce and excite the players even more. The videos are needed to bring enjoyment to our player base.
How is the PR-Department recording videos?
This is one of the many questions we hear when we are working on videos or publish a new one on our YouTube-Page. The answer is simple. We are using a different mixture of mods, libs and magical fairy dust to record most of our videos on MassiveCraft. This combination was chosen to minimize the overall amount of required programs, while maximizing the outcome, making the workload a lot easier for us.
Would I be credited for creating videos with the PR-Department?
Yes! Any player, which has worked with the PR-Department on a video, will earn a certain amount of points in the PR-Department, which are used for player evaluation. In addition, any work you do on Massive will be credited to you, for use in resumes, cv’s, or otherwise.
Do I need to do something to get credit/points for my video’s?
No. The leading PR-Member of the Video-Team will take care of the points. Depending on how much work you did on a video or project he/she will decide on how many points you will receive in the end.
How do I get in contact with the PR-Department for video work?
First of all; You will need to write up an application in the staff application section. Afterward, you will be either accepted or rejected by one of the PR-Members. If you get accepted by the PR-Department, you will be added to a skype chat where you will receive your first training and where a member of the team will explain the overall workload and progress.
How do I apply for the Team?
To join the PR-Team, you are required to fill in this application format and post it in this forum section. Please remember that we won’t accept everyone and that you should always add examples of your previous work (Videos, etc.), so that we can have a first impression of what you are able to do already.
We hope that this small post awakened your interest in the Video-Team and Videos in itself! We also hope to see you soon in our Video-Team!
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Massivecraft Weekend Roundup – April 7th, 2017

Weekend Roundup
Friday April 7th – Sunday April 9th
Role Play Events
Church of the Serpent Meeting – 4/8/17  1am GMT (technically 4/9/17 for Europe)/8pm EST
A Mysterious Masquerade  –  4/8/17  1am GMT (technically 4/9/17 for Europe)/8pm EST
House Ravenstad: Moudeschau Vun Heich Kultur  – 4/8/17  8pm GMT/3pm EST
House Bigge Presents: An Exhibit of Talent –  4/8/17 10pm GMT/6pm EST
The Drachenberg Annual Beer Tasting –  4/9/17 7pm GMT/2pm EST
Minigame Events
Game Staff will be bringing game events to you all weekend long!
Stay in event chat for surprise mingame events!
/c join e
KOTH will be running every three hours.  Spring has sprung in all time zones!
4am/pm, 7am/pm, 10am/pm, 1am/pm GMT
MassiveMusic Weekend
It is Rainy Day weekend!  Share with the community the songs that get you through those grey and stormy days.
Beginning 4/8/17!
Explore Aloria!
This travel log follows two intrepid adventurers as they explore the wilds of the survival worlds.
News to Catch Up On
The criminal side of you just itching to get domestic?  Sign up for a Regalian Sewer Base!
Say hello to the newest race on Alorian soil.  Wolathar!
Want to make sure your event or post doesn’t get missed by PR Staff?  Use the post tag “MassiveRoundup” to make sure we catch it!
Feel like patronizing your MassiveCraft community members?  Check out the Massive Marketplace, and check out the amazing shops by talented people!
Have a Massive Weekend!
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Daily Creeper Edition: Such Fashion, Very Trend

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Weekend Roundup – March 31st, 2017

Weekend Roundup

Friday March 31th – Sunday April 2nd

Role Play Events

The Open Ocean Merchant Guild Cruise 3/31/17-4/2/17

Andermans Festival Imperial Ball 4/1/17 3pm EST, 8pm GMT

House Ravenstad: Moudeschau Vun Heich Kultur 4/2/17 3pm EST,8pm GMT

Game Events

The Baneful King Arrives!

Join Game Staff Sunday evening between 11pm and 1am GMT (6-8pm EST) for the culmination of the Baneful King story!


The game time will be announced in event chat that night. Make sure you’ve joined event chat!

Stay in event chat all weekend long for surprise mingame events!

/c join e


KOTH will be running every three hours. Spring has sprung in all time zones!

4am/pm, 7am/pm, 10am/pm, 1am/pm GMT


MassiveMusic Weekend

It’s Sing-a-Long Music weekend! Pull out those songs you love to belt out, quick raps that leave you tongue tied, or the guitar-strumming, sweet ballads that you hum to.

Beginning 3/30/17 before noon!

Join the MassiveMusic Community

Competition Reminder:

Sturdy Walls Building Competition ends 4/5/17 – The Final Push!

News to Catch Up On

New Lore! School of Rangers

MassiveCraft Player Poll!

Staff Absence Thread: Call off the Hounds!

Help Wanted: Staff is Recruiting!


Join the MassiveCraft team!

Want to make sure your event or post doesn’t get missed by PR Staff? Use the post tag “MassiveRoundup” to make sure we catch it!

PvP Tip: Potions can often turn the tide of the fight! Get brewing, and bring some splash potions to the next battle!

Lore Q&A is an excellent place to ask questions you may have to make your roleplay more enjoyable!

Have a Massive Weekend!

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Feature Highlight: Massivemusic

Hello everyone!

Today we’re highlighting a feature we use during the weekends that some of you probably haven’t heard of or aren’t familiar with; MassiveMusic.

MassiveMusic is an all weekend long event starting on Friday mornings in the CST time and ending Sundays at midnight. We host this event here. It consists of a public chat and our community/staff playing their choice of music for the entirety of the event. You essentially get to make a playlist, queue up, and when it’s your turn, the first song on your playlist is picked and played for everyone tuned in to listen. It’s a wonderful time as you get to chat with everyone there while roleplaying, building, or whatever it is you find yourself doing while listening to music.

It’s a grand time with grand tunes that never stops till we close the queue on the last night. Staff often host genre events where everyone pitches in their song choices based on a genre picked. This can range from rock to cover to even funny videos. Everyone tries to get the most liked song for the duration of the genre period.

This weekend make sure to check us out and join in on the fun! It happens every weekend so if you can’t make this one, we’ll catch you on the next one.

Have a Massive Day!

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Massive Dungeon Event on April 2nd!

Hello everyone!

For those of you unaware, last night Mrs. Baver and the Baneful King made an appearance. It seems… things are getting out of control. The two are at each other’s throats and essentially throwing their armies at each other in a mad dash for power. Our brave warriors managed to repel them to the very end at which Mrs. Baver wiped them all out and removed them.

It was terrifying.

The incursion started out with the Baneful King flooding his armies into the world. They all dropped odd items and books… The books each referred to something.

The first is of hell.
He reigns over demons.

The second, the executioner.
She takes what she wants.

The third is a sinner.
Not of his own voalition.

The fourth a craftsman.
He lives within his forge.

The fifth his personal guard.
A man of true honor.

They seem to be detailing people of a sort. But who?

After a while, Baver appeared and destroyed the Baneful King’s army with her own. She proceeded to taunt him, calling him nothing more than a child. The Baneful King, unphased, simply told Mrs. Baver that her time is coming. Players fought and fought, but to no avail, they failed in the end.


If you want so see this chapter continued, make sure you return next Sunday, April 2nd for a Massive event of the likes you’ve never seen before.

Have a Massive Day!

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The Scholar District

If one were to zigzag though the city, it might take them quite some time to locate the small plaza that seems to not keep up with the architecture around it. Though in reality, the Scholar District encompasses much more than those outdated, teal roofs., stretching from the Azure Spire, all the way to the wall separating it from the New Ithanian District.

Due to it’s massive and arbitrary size, it’s hard to pin down a similar structure to the buildings. In originality, the Scholar District was made up of buildings primarily stonework and colourful windows, featuring blue roofs as well. However, expansions were made, and architecture changed, with the district being littered with all kinds of different buildings, leaving the original plaza rather behind. Some utilizing warm bricks, some coloured walls, and some with mainly wooden structures. This is certainly leagues different than most other districts, which generally have a uniform set of materials and objects used in their structural makeup. The typical cobbled roads are the only ones throughout the district, as expected. That being said, the district is rather plain in this regard. A few sparse water features makeup some plazas, such as in front of the Azure Spire, while other roads simply just keep going to the next house. Deeper in the northernmost portion of the district, you can see bountiful colours of banners hanging across alleyways, or shop carts littering the roads, but unfortunately this isn’t synonymous with the rest of the area.

For the citizens, this is a rather common place to live, much like the main district would be. The majority of the buildings stretching across the district as residences for the middle class, with really no exception beyond the rare business or governmental building. Crime is about as normal as can be here, due to the district’s rather uncanny ability to be overlooked in its importance, though guards patrol normally as they would. Many question why it’s actually called the scholar’s district, nothing about the areas gives away the people living there are somehow more intelligent than in other areas of the city. However, it’s a question rather ignored, as the people living here are more focused on their day-to-day, rather than investigative questions of the reasoning for the naming for the district.

Notable landmarks are where this area begins to shine however. Outpacing the outdated buildings, the boring nature of it, and the calmness, is the Azure Spire. A behemoth of a buildings, the Spire stretches high as the eye can see, and the occupants inside doing their work to counteract some of the most powerful mages this city has seen. People living closest to the Azure Spire can even hear the screams and pleas of mages, which must account for why the rent is rather normal for even the nicest homes around it. The Merchant Guild building is also featured just barely at the fringe of the district. Business owners and burghers alike come and go from the large complex, all doing what they can for the overall success of their shops.

IC Setting:

  • To mages, this might just be the most avoided district, due to the Azure Spire being housed in the heart of the area.
  • It’s common for people to confuse portions of this district with the Main or Commerce, due to similar architecture.
  • Guard Patrols are as commonplace as they would any area, resulting in a pretty normal crime rate around the residences. However, the closer to the Azure Spire one gets, crime tends to dwindle off for obvious reasons.
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