Daily Creeper Edition: Faction Spotlight!

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Daily Creeper – January 17th

A new issue of the Daily Creeper! Your one and only news source for the recent happenings in the Regalian Empire, and Aloria at large!

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Marked Assault on Rothburg

The Marked are marching to assault Rothburg and the Imperial Loyalist forces that are stationed there. With Tristan Keppkula captured along with his wife the Emperor himself calls upon all those loyal to his name to join forces with the forces in Rothburg. You will be taking on a variety of marked whom are famous across the land. Now this may all seem good and true, but every battle has its losses. Which side will take the victory? Only you can sway the balance in either direction.

A few simple rules will determine if you are able to partake in such the event.

  • Your Character needs to already be in Rothburg, OR:
  • Your Character needs to already be in the countryside, OR:
  • Your Character needs to have means and desire to be able to reach the rebels in Rothburg and join forces with them.
  • Your Character needs to not be a Deathling.

So what are you waiting for!? Join the fight for your emperor to reclaim Rothburg and determine future campaigns that will shape the fate of which faction will reign over the others as the heir of the Regalian Empire and perhaps Aloria as a whole.

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Regalia SewerV2 Released!

The new Sewers have been released!

Thick with the fog of candlelight and the mist of warm waters, Regalia’s sewer system beckons the crooked and the outcasted with a stony hooked finger. Featuring at least fifteen rentable bases, a black market with dozens of shops, several small housing regions, and the new tavern, The Corpse in the Gutter, the new Regalian undercity is a sight to behold.

Twisting tunnels and overgrown passageways line the confines of this large underground habitat for the unwanted. The network of maze-like corridors all stem from the entrance like roots from a tree. The tavern, The Corpse in the Gutter, is an old, hardy ship permanently docked in those shallow waters. Two new bartenders are eager to serve you all kinds of bootleg beers, stolen spirits, and villainous vodkas.  Aside from that, there is a noodle shop above the ship’s resting place where underdwellers can get their fill of Top Sho’s famous noodle bowls.

Regalia’s replacement sewers are now available to the public!
Featuring a brand new black market, tavern, rentable bases, shops, and housing!

The sewer system is bigger than the old one, with lots of twisting corridors and deep, dark waters galore.

Area renting will be available a few weeks after release, to give everyone time to explore the sewers and get to know their surroundings. Two NPC bartenders will soon be open for business, selling drinks and functioning much like Bartender Cole in the Golden Willow.

Type  /tp sewers to start exploring!


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Regalian Parliament Announcement!

Hear ye, hear ye, news from the the Queen Freya Lo herself has arrived announcing the creation of a bicameral legislative body. By her will, the Queen has created a system in which the commoners of the Empire may hold office. Now to make sure everyone who wants to run is accounted for all candidates must apply for candidacy. With such great responsibility, comes the need for a set of rules and of course the associated perks of the job. To make things snappy, below are highlights from that list.

The upper house is to consist of landed nobility who have sworn fealty to Freya Lo. They as such are guaranteed a seat. They, as decided by Freya Lo, are to serve largely as an oversight council for the lower house. They will share the ability to propose and approve laws to be seen by Freya for final approval without the need of the Lower House.

The lower house will be given 15 seats, 5 of which will be designated for Non-Ailor only, this means humanoid races, not beasts. These seats will be for addressing the problems of the people and the proposition of means to relieve these grievances. They have the ability to vote upon law implementation. If successful the law passes unto the Senate if voted successfully here to the Queen herself. To ensure fair treatment, these seats are reserved for the unlanded.

Candidacy applications are open from Dec. 17th to Dec. 24th. Voting begins Dec. 26th and ends Jan. 2nd. Ballots will be open throughout the week for people to cast their votes! We encourage active campaigning and events to garner support and attention in pursuing a seat on the parliament.
Find out more here!

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Happy Holidays from Massivecraft!

Jingle bells, Freya smells,

Marty wrote some lore

Regalia is all snowed in

We want it more and more!


Happy holidays from everyone here at Massivecraft!

The temperature is dipping and the holiday spirit is taking hold! We see a lot of factions getting into the holiday spirit with Christmas trees or decorations and the snow is coming down pretty hard in Regalia. Keep the spirits up, we’ll be doing the same.

We kicked off this snowy holiday season with a hostile takeover from Freya Lo and her painting the streets red with cheer. A brilliant blend of white and crimson. Just right for the holiday spirit! Here among the staff, we’d like to keep you all warm so expect Freya to continue to heat things up all throughout December with her army of undead helper elves.

On a lighter note, Omnomivore’s Secret Santa is just a week out from wrapping up. Get those gifts in, if you want to receive some yourself! We had a massive turnout for this year’s event so thank you all those who were so eager to get in on the jolly festivities!

It’s been a tough month here but we’re a tough crowd and things are looking up. We hope you are too with that great, red fatman flying around in the skies dropping gifts and goodies for all the good boy and girl players. The new year is just around the corner, we’ll see you all then.

From everyone here on the Massivecraft Team, we want to wish you from the deepest, darkest recesses of our hearts with enthusiastic holiday spirit,

Have a Massive Holiday!

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Daily Creeper: Aftermath of the Winter Ball


While the Winter Ball was well attended, the event was not wholly enjoyed for long. Spirits were lifted with song and dance, and nobles and commoners alike enjoyed the lovely music that could be heard from afar. All seemed well as everyone enjoyed themselves until all of a sudden, the Queen’s guards demanded all guests to leave. Commoners were thrown out amidst the panicked order.

No one knows why the Queen ended the ball early. Some suspect there was a threat on the Queen’s life, while others still believe that the Queen had nefarious plans in mind.

Shortly after the sudden end of the Ball, the creation of a Parliament in the Queen’s Empire was announced. Further announcements were made that can be read in detail here.

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Server Status Update

Hey there everyone!
As a result of the recent plugin malfunction and the sudden removal of all factions, the Massivecraft Team has worked hard to restore all factions. This means that all permissions were turned off.
We’re happy to announce that all permissions will be turned back on Sunday the 18th of December. When we turn the permissions on, we’ll also turn on a slew of goodies for everyone to enjoy, as thanks for your patience and as an apology for the inconvenience. For one week, there will be an increased drop rate in apples from apple trees, Xp and MCMMO bonus, and a doubled drop rate in regals.
We will work hard to restore all factions before all permissions are allowed on sunday, and due to the increased amount of work this has caused we will not be handling Chest unlock requests in factions for the rest of December.
We want to ensure that the factions experience isn’t broken by this and that no faction leader loses land. To prevent anything like this from happening, we’ll disable tax unclaiming land for a month.
MassiveRestore will be disabled for a month to make the job easier and make it all go over smoother. Most unclaimed builds will promptly be claimed by Game staff members, and they’ll try to keep most of it intact and safe until January 1st.
Lastly, we’ve listened to your concerns and will continue to do so, and we’re actively trying to prevent such a thing from ever happening again. Cayorion is actively managing and fixing the server backup information, to prevent anything like this from happening again. If anything, this entire situation has resulted in us strengthening up our backup and technical means for the future.
Thank you for your patience and support during all of this, and happy holidays.
The MassiveCraft Team
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Grand Winter Ball

“Be there.”

The event of the season is rolling up soon. Perhaps your one and only chance to spot a dance with the Queen. The Grand Winter Ball is happening this weekend. Yes, that’s right. This weekend. On the 17th of December at 8pm GMT we will be celebrating with the stars of the people as the festivities kick off for all to enjoy. Whether you come in costume or just all dressed up for you grand reveal its all up to you. Just saunter your way down as a /tp nobleevent will be located for your convenience. 

So you’re not on the best of terms with her Majesty? Well not to worry, she is offering forgiveness for any past actions against her for just the small price of swearing fealty! How fun!

Link to full Event:  https://forums.massivecraft.com/threads/her-majestys-royal-winter-ball.49566/#post-599978

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Daily Creeper: Aftermath of the Lo Wedding!

Breaking News!

During the royal wedding between Astrid and Phillip Lo, a spectator stood and screamed at the top of his lungs in disapproval of the joining of the two twins. Almost immediately after, the Dark Queen’s guards seized the man and publicly maimed him. Blood spewed on the floor as the man was cut down. The crowd could only look on in horror at what hey had witnessed.

Eyewitnesses told the Daily Creeper that the man looked to be in denial of Empress Lo’s reign, others still say that the man was part of a rebellion faction. As of now, none of these statements have been proven true, but one thing is for sure, the reign of Freya Lo is not to be challenged without a price.

For more information on resistance groups, see this.

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