Good evening, MassiveCrafters. Here are some updates for what’s been going on lately.

Nether Reset

The Nether has been reset. You’ll now be able to mine for resources in the same places all over again.

Server Announcements Updated

  • Vote notices removed from server announcements. Now you can get rid of all reminders to vote by voting.
  • Server announcements are now primarily tips and tricks to using various plugins on MassiveCraft and navigating the server.

Server Lag

S2 has been shut down and all worlds on S2 moved to other shards. We noticed an immediate improvement in performance by doing this, but are continuing our investigation into what caused the lag and connectivity issues.

Game Projects

Game is still working on projects discussed in the Community Meeting. Some of those projects may change in scope so they’re easier to deliver. Work on ways to obtain 1.20+ blocks is in progress.

1.20.2 Update

Plugin testing for 1.20.2 is mostly complete. We still have a handful more plugins to finish up and bugs to squash, but we’re hoping to stay on track for a wider release before the year’s end. As usual, questions, comments, or concerns can go in a ticket. You can also suggest stuff, y’know. Have a Massive Day…

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