With 1.20.4 comes new mounts. We’ve added over 90 to the shop that are available for purchase with one freebie. The Capybara! Visit the shop to redeem your free Capybara mount.


Cooking Pot

The cooking pot allows players to make over a hundred different edible items using anything wheat to magma cream! Each recipe is 2 items.

New items have been introduced through the brand new Cooking Pot and Brewing Barrel! Food items include the Croissant, Beef Stew, Lava cake, and more! These items are useable as props, placeable as decoration, and can be eaten like any other food item. You can find cooking pots scattered around every world.

Brewing Barrel

Upgrade your mixology skills with our brand new brewing barrels! Hot cocoa to apple cider check out the craft recipe below and give it a try!
How to use:

  1. Craft it!
  2. Add your water or milk base to the barrel
  3. Once particles start showing up right click and enjoy!

Check out the list below for a taste of a handful of recipes for the cooking pot and brewing barrel respectively, with many more to be discovered:

Quality of Life (QOL)


Use /recipes in-game to view all of our recipes.

  • A brand new recipe for 1.20, create pottery shards with 2 bricks, pottery sherd, and another 2 bricks!

PvP Changes

  • Better mending. Mending will repair the most damaged piece first.
  • Projectiles no longer have randomness.
  • Fixed sprint-crits causing inconsistent damage.
  • Critical hits now apply their damage multiplier after sharpness calculation.
  • Attack frequency, invincibility frames, and damage are all now calculated in the server jar. This greatly improves hit register and TPS.
  • Old armor calculations implemented. Previously, netherite and diamond were supposed to do the same protection. However, they in fact had a difference around 10% due to armor toughness.
  • Custom knockback is now possible.
  • Disabled mcMMO PvP features.

1.20.4 Crate

Players will be able to get the 1.20 Crate Key by killing the Botanist, Archeologist and Armorer MythicMobs. These mobs spawn in all Factions worlds.


MassiveCraft no longer supports MPM, we do not have the serverside plugin for it loaded. Players are now encouraged to change from MPM to Figura for custom player model add ons.

We recommend players switch to using Fabric and alternative performance enhancing mods for the best experience instead of using Forge and Optifine.


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