Out with the old and in with the new! A new market is coming to MassiveCraft with new shops, new rules, and a brand new look! Rather than different physical locations for the market stalls, the new market in its entirety will be accessible at /tp Market. You can reach specific corners of the market with /tp MarketNE, MarketSE, MarketSW, and MarketNW.

Purchasing a Stall

Small and medium shops will be available for rent via the /as rent command starting on March 17th at 21:00 CEST. Large shops (also known as rich shops) will be auctioned off to the player base.

Getting a Large Shop

Players will be able to bid on access to one of the large shops every 3 months, beginning after this announcement releases and ending on March 16th at 22:00 CEST.

If a player wins the auction for a large shop they will be given access to the shop for 3 months. After three months the shop will go up for auction again. The auction will take place in the #market-bids Discord channel.

Shop Types

There are 3 types of shops; large, medium, and small.

Large Shops

There are a total of 8 large shops which are 13×11 blocks in size. These shops are immediately visible in the Main Square when using /tp Market. Large shops get auctioned every 3 months so their price will vary.

Medium Shops

There are a total of medium 24 Shops which are 9×9 blocks in size. There are six medium shops in each market corner. Medium shops cost 300r a month.

Small Shops

There are 24 medium shops total which are 7×7 blocks in size. There are six small shops in each corner. Small shops cost 150r a month.

Kingdom Shop

There is only one kingdom shop which is 11×11 in size. The kingdom shop is located in the Main Square.

What is a Kingdom Shop?

The kingdom shop is a medium sized shop given to the kingdom with the most points after the end of a siege season. The leader of the awarded kingdom is allowed and encouraged to share access with the rest of their kingdom. The Kingdom Shop may be used however the winning kingdom likes, so long as its use falls within pre-existing market rules.


How many stalls will be open from the start?

That is completely up to the players! We don’t want to oversaturate the market, so if only 6 people show up we will only open up one corner, until demand increases. When we have enough people to fill up a complete corner (12 shops, so 12 people) then we will open up a new corner.

What happens to the current market?

At the time of this announcement, players will no longer be able to rent a stall in the current market. Players will have time from this announcement to the release of the new market to remove all of their items and if you have any remaining time left on your stall you will be refunded for it.

When does the New Market release?

March 17th at 21:00 CEST.

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