Hey, MassiveCrafters! Here’s our promised update. We took some time to discuss ideas presented during the Community Meeting and are working on an internal roadmap.

Raised Topics

Vanilla Villagers

Game is looking at altering the villager drop tables and trade prices in concert with Tech. This will involve removal of items and enchantments we don’t want dropping, vanilla mechanics working as expected otherwise, and no regal cost for trades.

In addition, villager caravans as an option to gain villagers outside curing and spawn tickets has been floated.

PvP Stat Changes

The minimum rank needed for max PvP abilities in MCMMO will be dropped. We don’t have a concrete number at this time.

Resource Restoration

Underground areas in the survival worlds will be reset.

Boss Mobs with Timers

Tech is looking into the feasibility of spawning mobs on a timer.


We’re looking into a weekend sieges schedule that should come out towards the beginning of Winter Break. We’ll be implementing a new War Declaration system for sieges.

The Big Reset

Game staff have opted not to reset the survival worlds or the economy. Instead, development time will be spent on a new world with its own inventory. This world will be used as a test bed for future changes.

Upcoming Projects

Market Rework

A market rework is on the horizon. We will be replacing the current market sometime in the future, and are considering new plugins to change up how players shop and sell items.

PvP World

A new PvP oriented world is in the works. This world will be used to test concepts that change up our PvP meta and gameplay loops. Changes implemented in this world may find themselves pushed to other survival worlds.

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