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Do you have an interest in community engagement and enriching the survival experience on MassiveCraft? Do you have events or engagement ideas that you want to spearhead? Then the Game Department would love to talk!

The Game Department is currently recruiting new members!


The MassiveCraft Game Department is responsible for in-game moderation, player support, survival content creation, and balancing gameplay mechanics.

  • Game Department members are expected to undergo a training process and learn how to effectively moderate within the community and what punishments are expected for specific rule violations.
  • When gaining a rank, Game Staff are expected to train the lower ranks as they were trained, and host events alongside their fellow staff.
  • Aspirants inclined toward team-building, mentorship, and rule enforcement, and overall keeping the vibe in survival/chats “on the level” will find themselves drawn toward this Department.

Reach out to Lumosjared or physicsfrog if you have any questions about Game Staff. For general staff questions reach out to LumosJared.

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