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The Dark World, MassiveCraft’s grand-scale questing and PvE experience, is coming to MassiveCraft, releasing April 14th at 5pm EST/10pm BST! The Dark World takes place in Ceardia, where void energy has changed the rules of natural order. Uncover Ceardia’s many secrets through MassiveCraft’s latest RPG experience, help the citizens rebuild across six new cities and explore beyond their borders in search of treasures beyond your wildest imagination. The Dark World contains altered gamerules compared to the rest of MassiveCraft:

  • No PVP
  • No Elytra
  • No Backpack outside of established towns.
  • Players can use powerful magical spells and use artifacts to fight monsters.
  • Fast travel to other cities is available through the Ceardian horsemaster.
  • Fast travel to many locations is possible through the use of consumable teleport gems.
  • Inns offer goods and services that aid in healing and regeneration for use across Ceardia.

The Dark World pushes the boundaries of what’s possible with questing and mobs to create the ultimate PvE experience, accessible and hugely rewarding for all!

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