Hello all, This is an announcement notice that the Roleplay Rules have been updated. This is the first step to consolidating all separate rule pages into one easy and comprehensive rule page. We’re also moving to a new standard of “Common Sense” and “Universal” Rule definitions, refraining from overly specific things which everyone knows are widely illegal in nearly all Communities (discrimination, plugin abuse, bullying of other players etc.) and more broadly discussing behavior standards and general social conduct. Survival will still maintain a more granular rule section, as Factions benefits from clear-cut distinctions. We hope that when all is said and done, that our rules are very quick to read, easy to understand, and ideally no more than a single page. While most rules remain the same for Roleplay, there are some immediate changes that require highlighting, for those who do not want to read it:

  • We will be taking a more pro-active stance against the act of “pop-corn posting”, or the concept of needlessly needling an ongoing conflict by trolling the participants or no-stakes choosing sides. This infrequent occurrence can sometimes be felt in Players being alerted of another Player making a clown of themselves in a public channel, and joining in on the clowning session. Lore Staff will more proactively moderate enflaming ongoing conflict situations in Discord Channels.
  • We are declaring the server unofficially 16+ (with no enforcement), on the notion that the general standards of behavior and content require some level of social awareness and reading comprehension that may provide a difficult experience for early teens. Additionally, it is most important to declare that we are banning Erotic Roleplay from the server, it already existed in a state of pseudo-disallowing, but we have taken the final decision to remove it from our server entirely, even in private.
  • There are more general conduct rules about overfamiliarity, and exposing Players to too much of one’s own personal life and identity online. As the Community matures, it becomes more common to refer to people on a first-name basis, while it is always important to remember that even what is deemed acceptable banter within friends groups (such as saying “kill yourself” when someone makes a joke), social conduct should always be anchored in the optics of public perception, meaning such expressions of pseudo-bullying are not allowed.

Thank you for reading and your consideration!

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