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When fighting magical monsters and beasts, it makes sense that one would need the weapons to be able to combat the mythical forces of the Dark World. It goes without saying though, to get your hand on these magical wands, one must show their strength and fell a mighty beast for the chance to pick up a wand! These wands fall at a rare drop rate when you defeat a pink mini boss mob. These wands come broken and can be repaired at the Silveredge observatory for 250 Regals and 32 emerald blocks. Harnessing the power of the elements, choose between Fire, Lightning, Earth, Frost, Air, and Water to take down foes. Each wand comes with their own special set of powers, and you can have more than one!

  • With the flames of fire you’ll be able to damage enemies up to 13 blocks away and light them on fire
  • Lightning let’s you target enemies up to 160 blocks away and zap them to deal damage in a 3 block radius!
  • With Earth you’ll send a boulder hurtling towards enemies!
  • Slow mobs down with the power of the Frost wand, and cause damage as the ice takes over them.
  • With the power of Air, create a funnel that will knock mobs back even more than Knockback would while also causing damage. If crouched while using, you’ll be able to target players.
  • Water will allow you to heal yourself up to 2 hearts per cast and regenerate your health while putting yourself out if you are ignited!

But be careful! Each spell that the wands use, do take up items in your inventory so make sure you have the appropriate items to cast away! Magic wands do share a cooldown, so if you use your Lightning wand, you won’t be able to use your Air wand until the cooldown on your Lightning wand is all up! Don’t want to use your items to cast? Master wand variants can be found very rarely from treasure maps or mob boss drops!

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