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Hello all,

I am making this announcement to notify our players that MassiveCraft has been blocked by Mojang, and thus cannot be connected to anymore. This is obviously unpleasant and very much unexpected, we immediately fired off a review request with Mojang the moment we realized when Tech could not figure out why clients had trouble connecting to the server for the past 3 hours (the block entered in effect about 3 hours or so ago).

Needless to say, we’re fortunate this occurred in the middle of a work week, and I already have a shot sleeping schedule so I can keep an eye trained on the inbox to get this resolved ASAP, but the server could be out of commission for a few days. Staff will continue working as per usual, so that when the time comes that the server is back up again, we can immediately throw all the content online and push events in Regalia.

Please be patient with us. We’re in contact with Mojang, and have to wait for them to respond now. I dare not speculate the duration of this downtime, though it could be a few days so just hold tight.

If you have questions, or if you had time sensitive content (like a pre-planned Roleplay Event), please send in a Ticket to rescedule.

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