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Hello everyone, Marty here again.

I am informing you that around 5.5 hours ago, Mojang’s enforcement team sent their first notice of review. Around 4 hours ago, we received their review notice with a compliance request (basically, a list of things we had to fix up). We have worked for the past 4 hours on fixing up all the issues, and we have just five minutes ago sent them a full list of changes and a request for a final review to see if we are now compliant. Some things were changed on the shop and website, a full review of changes will be made public when this ordeal is over because we cannot guarantee that more changes will not follow in the coming days.

It is my good hope that the server will be unblocked in the next 24 hours, as Mojang’s enforcement team has been very communicative and prompt with their response.

So why did this happen? Well, a lot of our shop information, as well as language on the website was out of date, vague, and in some points unintentionally misleading, as the server was inherited from the previous administration and years of inconsistent QA on our shop page and contact pages. We have cleaned up all the inconsistencies and deleted old content, most pages on the Shop will remain familiar, but have vastly different language to help us comply to Mojang’s guidelines.

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this, and lets keep our fingers crossed that the block might get lifted today!

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