So at some point, it begs the question, what did Mojang take objection to that resulted in the server IP being blocked? Here follows a list of changes:

Mojang objected to the Crate Keys, which did not show contents available, and chances for each content. We have removed all Keys from the store for now, because we wanted the server unblocked sooner rather than later. We have staff working on creating a list of chances for all Crates, as well as what is in them, and will re-launch Crate Keys when we can comply to their requirements.

Mojang objected to language on the Shop, it mentioned specifically something like “personally approved by Mojang”, which was technically not untrue, but misleading and out of date. When Mojang originally changed its EULA enforcement in 2017, Cayorion reached out to a study-friend who was working at Mojang to personally look over the Premium Features. However, as time went by, we never inquired to update that approval, and then Microsoft bought the store, so we just took that language down.

Mojang objected to old “donator” language, particularly on the Website. Being a 11+ year old server means you have some old pages floating around on the website that you’ve forgotten about. We purged all misleading information and added disclaimers everywhere to remove liability from Mojang AB and Microsoft.

Mojang objected to unclear language in our actual Ranks, while we believed they were all compliant, it did not explain that they were and how, and the enforcement team does not join the server to find this out (with good reason, they have to review hundreds of servers). We explained how each feature complies to their guidelines.

Mojang objected to a lack of clear contact form, basically, it was very hard for anyone to actually contact us through first point of contact methods. We added a contact form to our website that leads directly to the operator, and clarified contact points across both the shop and the website.

In general, our shop and website showed out of date information and lacked clarity in terms of how each purchasable item would affect gameplay (or not affect it). All website pages and shop pages have been clarified and improved, and Mojang enforcement signed off on current compliance to the guidelines, with a better understanding on our part for future changes.

So what changes in Premium and Supremium Ranks?

We had to eventually make some changes to Premium and Supremium, which will affect current Rank owners. The following changes were made:

  • Premium Crate Key drops were removed. We could not resolve the guideline requirements, so we removed this benefit from both Ranks.
  • Undead/Zombie Horses were removed. This was a really old Cayorion era plugin that allowed skin switching. It’s basically redundant with /Pets.
  • Custom Banner changing command was removed. This was a really old Cayorion era plugin that basically became redundant when the loom was added to the base game by Mojang, and was convoluted and didn’t work well.
  • World Edit access was removed from Creative. This one caused a bit of a discussion, but we felt we couldn’t open World Edit for everyone (because of the risk of trolls crashing Creative), but also couldn’t keep it Supremium only, because of the performance benefits to players with that Rank. We had to eventually make the unfortunate decision to suspend Worldedit in Creative, because we felt we could not comply to Mojang’s requirements and still keep it in.

To resolve the lack of worldedit for what has recently been becoming more popular (i.e, dreamworld roleplay in creative), our Lore aspirant Booette has started gathering information to understand clear groupings of players who would benefit from such an area with more support from staff. A few groups have been selected, who will be approached by staff for further details on how to acquire a special dreamworld creative zone in a new creative world that is more closely attached to Regalia, so that the players still show up on tab, and there is an easy way to get in and out of that world for regular players. Unfortunately we cannot extend this to everyone, due to the overhead of manpower needed to facilitate infrastructure. Worldedit being removed from Creative is just “an L we have to take”, so to say.

Thank you all for reading you made it this far, and thank you for being patient with us while we resolved this in record time.

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