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Making a quick announcement of release of RP Instances 3
Rp Instance (3) is a separate world to facilitate certain player-led personal event/rp projects. In a similar sense as /tp creative can, but with a bit more opportunities. /tp Creative is still fine for personal rp projects, but the loss of WorldEdit and the size constraints (besides being neighbor to a Mcdonalds) can ruin the immersion and opportunities a bit for the people who host big events there. Add onto that, the /tab list of playercount in Regalia is abysmal when people host events there, this affords some groups to host events connected to S1, which will make the players appear in Regalia /tab.

For now, this world only has 4 Regions, the “Maraya”, “Void”, “Geist”, and “Cahal” Regions. These were vetted by Staff to ensure there is scale of use. There are a couple of rules associated with this instance world, as it is still a Roleplay world:

  • You may not (should not) enter the regions when owners are absent.
  • You may not enter RP without understanding what the plot is for and how to logically enter rp.
  • You may not hang around OOC or interact with the region while not participating.
  • You must follow additional regions rules set by the owner/manager of the plot.
  • You should consult plot owners if you want to use their region for Events.

Any questions? Ask in a ticket. What was the selection process? Lore Staff looked at who frequently and to large crowds hosts events in Creative. If you want to “upgrade” from your /tp creative plot to an Rp Instance (3) plot, you should host numerous events outside of friends groups on your creative plot, and then ping staff about it in a ticket.

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